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Creating the perfect climate for pharmaceuticals

Sintra Pulsion Projects

A truly unique solution, delivering unparalleled performance.


Accurate temperature control of large spaces to ±1.0°C

Installation heights to 40 metres

Reduced installation cost

Reduced running cost

Variable air speed control

What is it?

    • A unique air temperature control system developed over 35 years


    • Used in 15,000 installations across Europe and the Middle East in Pharmaceutical and other sectors, (Engineering, Logistics, Arenas)


    • Use of high induction Pulsers® (perforated ventilation ducts) which set the entire environment air mass into controlled motion


    • Can be used with existing, or new sources of heating and/or cooling


    • Suitable for new and existing large pharmaceutical manufacturing / distribution sites with stringent temperature regimes

What does it do?

    • Patented Pulsion technology reduces heating / cooling costs typically by 30%


    • Substantial reduction of ductwork and associated components typically by 70%


    • No draughts or thermal stratification – delivering accurate temperature to ±1.0°C variance;


    • Reduced capital costs as compared with conventional diffusion systems typically by 25%


    • Uses bespoke design software for lowest cost / optimum performance solution for each environment


    • Compliant with MHRA and GMP Regulations / Guidelines

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