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by Cross Energy

Cross Energy specialise in delivering significant energy and maintenance savings for commercial and industrial sites. We use proven, intelligent and innovative solutions and technologies, sourced from long-standing, trusted manufacturing partners.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for every project. From initial design, using the latest technologies, with full consideration of environmental and energy issues we apply expert contract management direct from our offices. We maintain the highest installation standards, and have a proven record to meet the demands of our customers.

Our organisational structure has a strong emphasis on providing Customer Service in all aspects from presales engineering assistance and advice, through to Contract Management from point of order to completion of the installation, commissioning of the system and provision of an after sales service and maintenance contract.

We offer a nationwide sales and after sales service, and as Cross Energy is part of the Cross Group of companies, which have offices throughout Ireland and UK and over 130 employees, we can call on any personnel within the group to fulfill our commitments should the need arise.

Cross Energy offer a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellent standards that are second to none.

Sintra Pulsion Projects

A truly unique solution, offering delivering unparalleled performance. Sintra offers: – Accurate temperature control of large spaces to +/-1 degrees – Installation heights to 40 metres – Reduced installation cost – Reduced running cost – Variable air speed control

Yanmar Gas Heat Pumps

Natural gas provides excellent power and performance for heating and cooling – Up to 70% reduction on running costs compared with electric heat pumps – Ideal for temperature control of large spaces – Minimal electrical load requirement (single phase) – Ideal solution for matching with Sintra,AHU or fan coils – Hot water recovery and including Gas Driven Refrigeration Systems (A world first – unique to Yanmar)

LED Lighting Installations

From trusted LED manufacturing partners, with high quality drivers and robust warranties. LED Lighting offers: – A robust and high performance LED solution delivering up to 140lm/W – Exceptionally long rated lifetime, up to 100,000 hours – Intelligent PIR and daylight sensors maximise savings – Choice of aisle or wide beam profiles for racking and open areas – Comfortable and glare free environemnt.

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