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Project Description

The Challenge

With multiple internal layout configurations, and a roof height of 44 metres, a critical analysis was undertaken of the climate control solutions available. Sintra Pulsion® was compared and evaluated in a competitive tender against a ‘conventional’ diffusion solution.

The Outcome

Sintra Primary & Secondary Pulsers are mounted in a U configuration at roof level. The Pulsers are connected to 15 AHUs, (Air Handling Units), providing heating and cooling and fresh air for the occupants. Airflow from the AHU plant is 720,000 m3/h (70% less than the original 2,400,000 m3/h proposed diffusion solution), delivering substantial fan power reductions. Air temperature is homogenous throughout the stadium to ±1oC, regardless of occupancy levels, with no draughts or stratification. The Sintra Pulsion® was also considerably cheaper to install than the original proposed diffusion solution.


Project Details