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Spar Retail

Project Description

• Experience in LED roll outs.
• Nationwide teams Of installers.
• Working in retail for over 40 years.
• Key focus on retail specifi c LED solutions.
• Continued focus on innovation and value engineering.
• Lighting design.
• Project management.


Focus on Retail Lighting

So Far… 350 Spar sites Retrofitted to date
Savings… Savings in excess of £450, 000


Focus on Refridgeration Lighting

SAVINGS IN EXCESS OF £160,000 per annum
Over 100 SPAR sites retrofitted
Using NUALIGHT Alto & Porto products
Selected to create UNRIVALLED
Merchandising impact
High margin products such as meat


Focus on RDC Lighting

“Including the Blaze lighting installed in the offices, we are on target to save circa £100,000 per annum. This is better than initially estimated, as we have ‘dialled’ down the main warehouse LEDs without any noticeable effect on operational lighting levels and we have also managed to reduce the number of fittings installed in the chilled & frozen areas by about a third “
Mr John Rough, Property Controller – CJ Lang & Sons Ltd


Financial Savings

LED retrofi ts deliver rapid paybacks, generally speaking between1.5 to 3 years.

Electrical Load Reduction:
Load reduction is especially important for sites where the incoming load is close to maximum demand. Increasing
maximum demand incurs substantial availability charges from the energy provider. Keeping loads to a minimum can
positively affect the kWh price.

Maintenance Reduction:
High quality European manufactured LED solutions, backed by robust warranties, offer energy efficient and near
maintenance free lighting.

Convenient retails demands good quality lighting. Ambient and accent LED solution with excellent uniformity, colour rendering, low glare and contrast where required.


Ambient LED Lighting Solutions

Blaze is a transformational lighting solution, creating the feeling of natural daylight with beautifully uniform, bright yet soft lighting that makes retail more vibrant, welcoming, productive and even inspirational.

Glare reduction is key to success for ceiling tile lighting particularly in retail applications. Blaze has no disturbing surface luminance’s and is optically designed to minimise reflected and direct glare guaranteeing a
high level of visual comfort.


Accent LED Lighting

The Esprit family of adjustable spots uses the latest LED technology for efficient and powerful light output. A range of beam angles, sizes and power outputs makes it a highly versatile solution for retail lighting. Vivace super-premium colour technology is available for retail applications where the most vibrant colour is essential.


Feature LED Lighting

Feature Lighting
Feature lighting creates warmth and ambience in the retail environment. It delivers an individual brand identity and subtlely creates a feel of quality.

Using high sparkle, warm white LED’s, feature fittings enhance the retail floor, making it welcoming and comfortable for customers.

Feature lighting will create a captivating vocal point in all areas and if used in combinations, it has the ability to elevate any space’s aesthetic.


Refrigeration LED Lighting

The Orion family of LED canopy lighting for refrigerated cases offers an unrivalled variety of performance options. Flexible mounting and cabling options ensure that every Orion product is rapidly and easily deployed in both retro-fit and new case applications. The Orion series offers options to suit every retail brand, format and merchandising strategy.

• Up to 43% energy savings depending on product selection and application.
• Guaranteed for 50,000 hours of operation.
• Rapid installation for new case and retrofi t.
• Dimmable options to minimise fresh food spoilage.
• Selected and trusted by leading grocery chains across the world.


LED Forecourt Lighting

• The CPY250 is a slim, low profile easy mounting from below the deck
• Constructed of a rugged cast aluminium with an Integral heat sink
• Secured with self sealing screws that provide a water tight seal
• Standard 10 year limited warranty

“Capable of saving more than 50 percent energy compared to traditional source technologies, the CPY250 also provides improved lighting quality that contributes to creating a safe and inviting site”


LED Car Park Lighting

“Designed from the bottom up as a totally optimized, cobra head-style LED street luminaire, the XSP Series delivers incredible efficiency without sacrifi cing application performance. The XSP Series is an ideal replacement for outdated high-pressure sodium fixtures and can provide increased value while displacing a range of incumbent technologies, from 70W up to 400W.”

“Using nearly 50 percent less energy and designed to last over three times longer than wasteful, traditional HPS street lighting, the XSP series is the ideal choice.”


Regional Distribution Centres (RDC’s)

304 Series
“The 304 Series™ luminaires provide exceptional performance in confi ned-space installations. The low-profile modular design contributes to a discreet appearance.”

“The 304 series is an extremely versatile fi xture which adapts to a wide range of applications from petrol station forecourt canopies to industrial installations in RDC’s”

Autonomous onboard controls (PIR and daylight harvesting) maximise energy savings and totally negate reliance on operator switching.



Project Details

  • ClientSPAR Retail
  • LocationUK & Ireland