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Kuehne & Nagel

Project Description

Kuehne & Nagel (Ireland) Limited logistics warehouses in Little Island, Cork. One of the buildings, (B4) was designated for pharmaceutical storage with a strict temperature regime of 15 to 25°C. Dimensions of B4 are 80m long x 34m wide x 12m high (to ridge), with storage capacity for 3600 pallets. Cross Group submitted an innovative temperature control solution, which was subsequently accepted by Kuehne & Nagel, and installed within a short timeframe in August / September 2017. Installation had to be completed by 6th September in advance of the scheduled independent temperature mapping assessment on 7th September.

The Challenge

The installation called for a temperature control solution (15 to 25°C), with stable temperatures throughout all internal areas of the building, Some of the key design considerations for the project were:

  • Capital cost
  • Ongoing running costs and lifecycle costs
  • Temperature stability across every pallet space (Temperature mapping carried out by 3rd party independent assessor)
  • Indoor equipment footprint and location
  • Speed and ease of installation (within short timeframe, in advance of temperature mapping)
  • Service and maintenance – ease of access
  • Minimise aisle congestion (high level ductwork)
  • Outdoor equipment lifetime (marine environment)
  • Air ingress through roller shutter door during loading / unloading
  • Existing life safety systems (Optical beam smoke detector)


The Solution – Technology

The final design for the temperature solution incorporated the following technology elements:

  • 270 kW of heating / cooling provided by 3 Yanmar Gas Driven heat pump systems (90kW each)
  • Each Yanmar outdoor GHP is connected to 4 indoor Daikin fan coils (12 in total), located in the central area of the warehouse
  • Stand-alone Sintra PA1000 Pulser with 2 silencer boxes and variable speed fan module
  • Mix Ind® patented ductwork system with laser cut holes for efficient air distribution and temperature homogeneity
  • 2 Sintra vertical ambient air curtains to the roller shutter door opening


The Solution – Key Design Aspects

Using this combination of Yanmar, Daikin and Sintra technologies delivers significant benefits:

  • Yanmar Outdoor Gas Heat Pumps are very efficient and offer greatly reduced running costs com-pared with other fuel types (Electricity & oil).
  • Yanmar condenser coils were factory treated with protective lacquer to prevent salt corrosion
  • Daikin fan coils were centrally located in the warehouse to reduce the amount of refrigerant pipe-work required, and installation labour.
  • Sintra PA1000 Pulser has a small footprint and is located within the existing warehouse racking arrangement.
  • The patented Sintra Mix Ind® ductwork is specifically designed for the building, and to fit within the available spaces, ensuring an even temperature throughout the building, and across all pallet spaces.
  • The Mix Ind® ductwork does not encroach into the aisle spaces, leaving them clear and uncongested
  • The existing high level optical beam smoke alarm is unaffected by the ductwork arrangement
  • Sintra Door Curtains prevent ambient air ingress into the temperature controlled warehouse. The curtains are mounted externally and use the external ambient air to achieve this.
  • Existing skylights in the building were treated with Solar Guard to reduce solar radiation


Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping was carried out by an independent assessor to verify compliance with the storage temperature requirements. This was done using approximately 90 wireless sensors, located at different heights and positions throughout the warehouse

The results show a very consistent temperature regime with approximately 3 °C range between max and min readings. The mapping also highlighted 2 exceptions;

1. Sensor positioned near a draught at a door opening
2. Sensor positioned too close to air jets on Mix Ind® ductwork



Cross Group have delivered an innovative, comprehensive and cost effective solution for temperature controlled storage of pharmaceuticals.

The combined technologies deliver utmost efficiency, accurate temperature control, space saving , simplicity of operation, and ease of service and maintenance.


Further Information

For more information on either Yanmar or Sintra, please click on the logo hyperlinks below.
Yanmar—Interactive presentation
Sintra—Video of smoke test in warehouse with PA500 and Mix Ind® ductwork




Project Details

  • ClientKuehne & Nagel
  • LocationCork, Ireland