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DRD Park & Ride

Project Description

Translink operate a number of Park & Ride facilities in Northern Ireland, providing valuable transport links for commuters and shoppers., and reducing urban congestion. The design and construction of the Park & Ride is managed by DRD Roads Service NI, with particular emphasis on security, CCTV and good lighting.

The Challenge

It is recognised that a secure site makes for a good Park & Ride car park. DRD Road Service provide a toolkit detailing the requirements for facilities at P&R sites ,that specifies well illuminated areas with boundary fence, controlled entry, and CCTV. Detailed designs were carried out to ensure the lighting delivery adequate lux levels and uniformity.

The Solution

Cree XSP Series was chosen as the appropriate so-lution for the Park & Ride facility, delivering class-leading performance, with minimal light spillage, glare or light pollution. Cree’s patented NanoOptic refractor technology ensures optimised target illu-mination performance, All Cree outdoor luminaires are covered by their industry-leading 10 year warranty.

Project Details

  • ClientDRD Park & Ride
  • LocationTamnamore Junction M1 Motorway